How to Track Your Facebook Login Location History

Facebook is the biggest social media network all over the world having billions of users belongs to any categories like Actors & Actress, Singers, Models, Political people and Individual etc with personal information’s and that’s the reasons, Hackers also targets the Facebook users to steal their personal information’s.

Due to increase in cyber crime, Facebook also provide various security for their users to protect their account like two factor authentications, phone alert etc and Facebook login location history is one of them to know who logged in to your account last time.


Facebook login location history is the official feature provided by Facebook where you can track your last Facebook login location of your account.

You can easily check weather you have log in at that location or not to ensure your security. Just read out the below post to track your previous login locations.

Step 1: Open Facebook and Login to your account and after that You will see a triangle at the top right corner, Just click on it and then choose/ Select “Settings” options.


When you click on “Settings“, You will be redirected to “General account settings” automatically.

Step 2: When you are at “Settings” page. You will see here an option at the left sidebar and below the “General account settings“, Which is “Security and logins“.

Now click on “Security and logins” options to check Facebook login location history.

As you can see the above screenshot, There is a block named “Where you’re logged in“, in “Security and login” sections.

Click on “See more” to check more locations.

If you see any unusual locations here in this block then you need to click on “Log out of all sessions” then change your Facebook account passwords to safe your account.

ou will see a block named “Login” Bellow “Where you’re logged in” block.

To change your Facebook passwords, Just click on “Change Password” in this block.

That’s it, Now make sure nobody is using your Facebook account anywhere.

By using this method, You can make sure that your Facebook account is not getting accessed by any unauthorized person to ensure your account security. Just keep your account safe.

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