How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

From the past 5 years there are several competitors raised against YouTube such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat etc,. But YouTube is also growing bigger and bigger from the past few years, it still receiving 5-6 billion daily video views.

Here are some tips to get more Subscribers, so let’s get started:

* Create the playlists of most popular videos on YouTube at one place, so that there is a 90% chance of visitor who visits would subscribe to your channel by viewing all his/her favorite videos at one place.

* Drag the attention of the visitor by creating the videos with your own separate style, this helps you to get very genuine Subscribers to your YouTube channel.

* Create voice-over videos by explaining some celebrity gossips and about popular movies, this also helps you to get more Subscribers because people are interested in listening more and more updates about their favorite celebrity or movie. So, if you have created a video upon it by explaining such news, he/she will be Subscribed to your YouTube channel.

* Publish and promote your videos on all recommended Social Networking Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Rediff, Tumblr etc,. Let the people know about your channel and videos, there are a lot of people who were interested to watch and subscribe but your channel has to reach them to be Subscribed by them.

* Use Offline Marketing to promote your YouTube channel, share it with your friends and family, ask them to share it with their friends too and let the chain goes on until you get some thousands of subscribers.

* For Subscribers you can also go premium online by creating Ads upon your videos and promoting them on Google, Facebook etc,. Your Ad should be very creative and not more than 1 minute because people will skip your Ad if it’s big.

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