SEO Tips and Tricks 2017

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means when anyone searches for any keyword in the search engine like Google then it shows all the list of websites which would be related to that specific keyword.

The websites which takes the first page of the Google has 100% click through rate than the websites which are on the second page and so on.

Among the list of websites which are on the first page of Google, the website which takes the first place right down the search bar has the click through rate of 150% than the websites down them.

So, the strategy which will be applied by that list of top websites to be in the first page and rank in Google when searched for any keyword was called as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The recommended plugin for all the new web designers and bloggers which has to be installed to boost their respective SEO strategy is “Yoast SEO” plugin.

While you are posting any blog in your website this plugin helps you in targeting the keywords and on focusing the readability of the sentence formation which was written by you in your blog post and ranks it by giving some scores like “Needs Improvement”, “OK”, “Good”.

Here are some tricks to rank your new website in any search engine very fast:

1.Analyse the other top ranked websites thoroughly – how they designed a blog post with top rated keywords and niches.

2.Copy 50 to 60 top ranked articles from different top websites and paste them in the “Article Re-Writer” software online, it will show the new sentence formation just copy it and paste it in your website, if want copy the headings too.

3.Don’t neglect the tags and the back links, post your website page links in the comment section boxes of various websites with one line description and a small link added into it, so that if any visitor click on that link he/she will be re-directed to your website.

4.Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner thoroughly for writing even a small blog post in your website.

5.Make the list of group ideas of the keywords which has the high suggested bit rate.

6.Try to make blog posts keeping the heading as keyword inserted into it.

7.Readability should be very simple and the blog post has to be not more than 1000 words.

8.Use high quality images under the blog posts or else simply copy that specific pictures and add links to that images too.

SEO strategy will be good when each and every blog post of your website has top rated suggested bit keywords and linked with back links from certain websites and mainly from social networking sites.

The trick was very simple, just copy the same strategy of top ranked websites which were ranked in the top 5 places when searched for a specific keyword.

Just analyse them thoroughly and design your website with all that criteria.

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