How to Get High Payment Ads In Google Adsense

Getting high paying ads of Adsense for your website was a not so easy task but i will tell you the very simplest ways of how to get high paying ads of certain networks.

Go to Google Adwords and login into it with your Google account.

Search for “Keyword Planner” in the Tools tab.

Type all the keywords related to your website and filter them by copying the list of keywords which has a high suggested bit rate and where the competition is low.

And now inject that list of keywords as headings and write blog posts on them separately with each blog post containing of minimum 300 words.

While writing a blog post divide it into different pages so that the visitor will browse the same article by clicking on 4 to 5 pages on the same blog.

Having a Niche based website was more important to display high paying ads on your website because of the Niche keyword was injected into your website domain it makes you analytically strong when compared to the other Niches which are far away from their blog posts keywords.

There are many other competitors who display their ads in the place of your Adsense ads on your website, these websites steals your traffic and redirects them to their own website ads and makes money. Block them all by using Adsense competitive Ad Filter.

Another trick was blocking the ads of certain networks in your Google Adsense account which are of very low CPC (Cost Per Click). There are more than 200 ad networks which will be blocked by every blogger in his/her Google Adsense account because of very low CPC.

Here comes the major task – the amount of “Traffic” your website gets.

Every advertisement whether it was having a low CPC or high, it will be reviewed by the Google Adsense thoroughly and been placed on your website by based on your website’s traffic analytics.

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