How to Make a Viral Video on YouTube

Now-A-Days any video can go viral on the internet simply by following certain steps because when compared to the past decades, now the users of internet and the people who are visiting the YouTube were drastically became high.

Any video which you want it to go viral, the content should be designed to be very attractive and the visitors who watches it has to share that video link to their personal social networking website pages so that their friends can also view the video which he/she shared and the chain goes on from friends to friends infinitely.

The Video title, Description, Tags and the Thumbnail you keeps on the video plays a key role to give your video a lot of views by the visitors who browses on that particular keyword you keeps as the video title.

Video title: The Video title which you keeps should contain the complete keyword specifications which were required for the SEO strategies. I recommend you to take the help of “Google Adwords – Keyword Planner”.

Description: The Description of the video should describe the whole criteria of the video in word’s form. It should be like a blog post and i recommend you to write the description not less than 1000 words with highly searched keywords.

Tags: Tags should also be of all the most searched keywords and keep the tags maximum until they become full.

Thumbnail: Here comes the “Thumbnail” which is more important than any other aspect in a video to go viral. Design the “Thumbnail” like if any visitor passes from that video he has to click on it and he has to see what’s in there.

Note: When any visitor browses on the YouTube related to your title then the keywords which you were used in the title, description and tags helps you to get your video placed on top of the front page but the thumbnail should make that visitor to click on it.

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