How To Earn 100,000$ With One YouTube Video

There is nothing to be surprised in making 100,000 dollars from just one monetized YouTube video.

Some of the YouTubers who are well known about how the YouTube’s algorithm works are finding several easiest ways to earn thousands of dollars without keeping much efforts.

Create a YouTube channel with your Google account and upload any video in which you have a strong belief that the video would go viral on the internet and liked by the every viewer who watches it.

Advertising your video is a main task to get lot of views but the content of the video plays an important role whether you advertise it or not, if the content was very creative or lovely, all the viewers who views your video would share that video link to their friends and that chain goes on.

Lets imagine that your video has gone viral on the internet and you have 10,000,000 monetized views on that single one video.

After all of its calculations YouTube will pay a minimum of 1$ to 2$ (RPM) for 1000 monetized video views, if your content is genuine and premium one then the YouTube will pay you about 8$ to 10$ (RPM) for 1000 monetized views.

So, therefore if your RPM (Rate Per 1000 Impressions) was 10$ then YouTube will pay an whooping amount of 100,000 dollars for that single video which has 10,000,000 monetized views.

There are many other techniques to earn bigger amounts on a single video, one of the technique which was mostly used by the YouTubers is creating the video with fake headings and descriptions which were belongs to other viral videos or branded movies and designing the thumbnail of the video with the picture of other viral video which makes the viewer to click on his fake video.


For the above mentioned technique the RPM (Rate Per 1000 Impressions) provided by the YouTube to your video would be very low between 1$ to 2$.

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