How Much Money Do YouTubers Make 2017

YouTube Partnership Program has become one of the top most earning source to the YouTubers with completely zero investment.

YouTubers make money depending upon their YouTube channel statistics, views, subscribers and the products which they are promoting in the form of Affiliate Marketing.

Money which was earning by a YouTuber was not certainly fixed it’s based on only how many number of views does his/her videos getting in a certain period of time.

He/she won’t be able to earn any money if the videos are not monetized and if the google adsense account was not linked up to his YouTube channel you can’t earn even a penny.

Any YouTuber who started a new YouTube channel has to complete the mark of 10,000 monetized video views of his total videos in his channel then only you can unlock the monetization option while uploading your videos.

The earnings are not same to all the YouTubers they are totally different from user to user. There is nothing such thing like the one who has 100,000 subscribers makes a lot of money than the one who has only 100 subscribers. If a monetized video of a YouTuber who has only 100 subscribers has gone viral on the internet and if that video has ten’s of millions of views then with that only one video that YouTuber can earn thousands of dollars.

Normally, a YouTuber can earn 1$ to 2$ for 1000 monetized video views and the content should be genuine and should not be copyrighted one because it was highly restricted by the YouTube’s terms and conditions.

So, here you can understand very clearly that the monetized video views makes money based on their respective total number of views.

There are several other aspects which has to take into consideration, they are CPM (Cost Per Mille), RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions), CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate) etc,.

The rates of the above mentioned aspects depends upon the advertisements which was displayed before your video, if the advertisement was a very premium one then you can have a great CPM, CPC, CTR and your’s RPM would be very higher when compared to the normal advertisements.


YouTube takes 45% of your earnings for providing you the free service.

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