Basic Equipment Needed To Start A Youtube Channel

Everyone who wants to start a Youtube Channel has to buy some basic equipment for a quick start. You can buy these equipment within the budget without going to higher prices.

Youtube has growing very rapidly day by day and the millions of new Youtubers are creating their own channel on Youtube.

Most of the Youtubers dream was to become a Youtube Star, it has became most trending aspect and for this the Youtubers are spending lot of time and energy to turn their channel into a brand channel.

So, lets get started – Here are some basic equipment needed to start a Youtube channel :


2.Video Camera

3.Video Editing Software


Let us go into some brief about these equipments –


The Computer/Laptop should be of minimum with 4 GB Ram and with good hard disk space (above 500 GB).

2.Video Camera

The Video Camera should have the minimum feature of recording a video in 1080 HD format.

3.Video Editing Software

The Video Editing Software whether it is a trail version or premium, it should be advanced with minimum amount of Effects and Transitions.


The Microphone plays a key role in creating the Youtube videos so choose it with care. There are many microphones which gives a quality vocal recordings. Most of the Youtubers selects the microphone between the price range of $100 to $200. Don’t forget to have a noise reduction software, before using the recorded voice of yours – just clean the background noise of your voice in the noise reduction software such as Audacity.

By setting up all the basic equipment listed above, you can create your Youtube videos with great quality and the chances of rapid growth of your channel was very high.

If the subscribers of your Youtube channel likes your style of creating the videos while watching then in a very less time span your’s channel would become a brand Youtube channel and you would be a Youtube Star.

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